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Get organized


We are available to speak to your group or create a workshop tailored to your needs.

Topics include:

  • "Think Outside the File Box"  Ideas and specific suggestions for storage, filing, current projects, and more. Best practices of paper and electronic data management are discussed, but innovative ideas given for those who have tried traditional filing systems and not been successful.

  • "All SYSTEMS Go-From Clutter to Clarity" Learn the number one cause of clutter in any area of your life, the proven elements that every productive workspace must have, and how to implement them based on your own unique learning style.

  • "Beat the Clock: Top Tips and Suggestions for Time Management" This presentation will be specifically tailored to the needs of your group. Special focus on those with ADD/ADHD.

  • "Do I Need THIS?" What papers or files do you need to keep? For how long? Guidelines and strategies for purging are discussed. Perfect for a small office with time allotted to implement.

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