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     Organized. Motivated. On time. Excelling. Setting goals.

Do you wish this described your high school or college student? A past client and friend who knew Kerry's background in education (specializing in ADD/ADHD) and had seen her organizing and productivity skills at work, asked her to work with her daughter and the "Student Success Solution" was born. This is what she later had to say: 


"Kerry Thomas and Conquer the Chaos have been lifesavers to help Julia with her executive functioning and organization due to her ADHD. This has been such a key to helping Julia increase her independence but also learn more about time management and planning. With distance learning making internal structure all the more important, this could be a game changer for so many students."

        Support for your student to learn skills for organized living in a disorganized world is here!

Every new client starts with an in-depth assessment:

    ~Student Success Scorecard

    ~Learning Styles quiz

    ~5 step planning and goal setting process. (This sets the framework for our work together. We take as much time as we need on this step.)

The scorecard is repeated the beginning of every grading period to gauge progress.



Following the assessment, the two options for support are:



    ~1 to 1 coaching plus group calls

    ~Up to 3 hours of Zoom coaching and support, divided any way you need. We can decide session to session based on what you have going on.

    ~Weekly open time for Q&A or accountability as you work, drop in as much as you need. Currently offered Monday 4-5pm EST 

    ~1 class a month on topics to support the group: time management, planning, brain dumps, college prep, etc. Added value and information on top of what we discuss in our private sessions. They are recorded and emailed to save or if you missed it live.

    ~Text support

    ~8 hours+ of support if you take advantage of all!

    ~There is no long-term commitment. You may stop at any time. 





    ~Prepaid 1 to 1 coaching

    ~Purchase a block of 15 hours to be divided and used as needed. Besides when we first start together and high stress times, most clients can do check ins of 30 or even 15 minutes once we get in a groove, so I've had students take almost the whole year to use their hours. (The assessment time is NOT included in these hours. They start after the goal setting.)

    ~Additional blocks may be purchased as needed. 

    ~Text support


Referral incentives offered at both levels! 

If you would like to learn more about availability, pricing, and to see if we are a good fit, schedule an introductory call HERE.

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