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Get Organized!


How do I handle the influx of mail?                                                     

How do we file documents? Who is in charge of filing?                

Which calendar system is best?                                                                          

Is my desk or workstation ergonomically sound?                                             

How long do I keep papers or electronic files?                               

How can I keep track of current projects?                                        

I provide INDIVIDUALIZED organizing and productivity consulting services (both in-person and virtual) to help you create and maintain SYSTEMS to address these issues.

Every office and organization is different, so a complimentary on-site consultation is always the first step.


1. Total Office Transformation™ (one to one coaching)


If you feel overwhelmed the second you walk in your office, you need

a Total Office Transformation! The purpose is to create a

Productive Environment in your office – an intentional

setting in which you will be able to find any information to run your

business in a matter of seconds-and you will have peace of mind knowing

that your business is serving you and your long term goals, rather than you

simply putting out fires on a daily basis. We will make physical clutter a

thing of the past, taking you and your office to the next level.

2. Productive Environment Day™ (office or department)


The purpose of a Productive Environment Day is to give your employees

the time, the permission, and the resources to effectively eliminate

anything from their office which can be tossed/recycled/shredded - or

should be relocated to another person, office, or location - and to

eliminate the necessity of keeping and/or moving anything

that is not necessary to the organization.


~This organizing process is all about you! This means that our services are customized to meet your specific needs. Packages are designed for both individuals and organizations. To learn more about what would best eliminate your overwhelm, please schedule a free 30 minute call to discuss your vision for an ideal work space, what factors are currently working for and against you in achieving that vision, and how to turn your overwhelm into peace and productivity.~


All packages and programs include follow-up and maintenance as detailed in the proposal.  


Contact us today and turn clutter and chaos into organization and order!

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