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How do I handle the influx of email?                                                     

How do we store documents?                

Which calendar system is best?                                                                          

Are there gaps or redundancies in our systems?                                          

How long do I keep papers or electronic files?                               

How can we keep track of current projects? 

Is our CRM meeting our needs?                                      

We provide INDIVIDUALIZED organizing and productivity consulting services (both in-person and virtual) to help you create and maintain SYSTEMS to address these issues.

Every office and organization is different, so a complimentary consultation is the first step.


1. Total Office Transformation™ 


Business leaders facing a sense of overwhelm upon entering their workspace are prime candidates for a Total Office Transformation.

Our mission is to establish a Productive Environment that streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.

This transformation is not just about tidying up; it's about creating an intentional setting where every critical piece of digital and physical information is readily available in moments. Achieve peace of mind with systems that support your business's ability to serve your long-term objectives, rather than being caught in a cycle of reactive problem-solving.

We're committed to banishing both physical and digital clutter, improving your operational excellence.

Offering the ultimatel level of customization for individuals , here are a few of the areas we can systemize:

• Calendars and scheduling
• Client onboarding, retention, and referrals
• Day-to-day admin & operations
• Digital organization
• Event and project planning
• Filing systems
• Goal-setting & accountability
• Physical organization
• Task & project management
• Time management
• Workflow & systems

2. Productive Environment Day™ (office or department)


The objective of a Productive Environment Day is to empower your team with the dedicated time, explicit permission, and necessary resources to decisively remove any unneeded/outdated items from their workspace, both physical and digital.

This process involves discarding, recycling, or shredding materials that are no longer needed, reassigning items that would be better suited elsewhere, and purging digital clutter such as redundant files and outdated emails.

The initiative is designed to streamline the office environment by eliminating the need to retain or relocate anything that does not contribute to the organization's efficiency and overarching goals.

Full and half day options are available, and include the necessary training for your team to succeed, as well as hands on time to implement. The Productive Environement Day is completely customizable. 


~Our services are customized to meet your specific needs. Packages are designed for both individuals and organizations. To learn more about what would best eliminate your overwhelm, please schedule a free 30 minute call to discuss your vision for an ideal work space, what factors are currently working for and against you in achieving that vision, and how to turn your overwhelm into peace and productivity.~


All packages and programs include follow-up and maintenance as detailed in the proposal.  


Contact us today and turn clutter and chaos into organization and order!

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