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"I speak clarity into your chaos."

I am pleased to tailor any presentation to the needs of your group or event.


All SYSTEMS Go-From Clutter to Clarity: Learn the number one cause of clutter in any area of your life, the proven elements every productive work-space and life must have, and how to implement them based on your own unique learning style.


Think Outside the File Box: A study released in March of 2019 showed that American homes and offices hold 5.3 billion unused items. People are holding on to things that stopped serving them and moving them forward months or years ago. In this presentation you will learn ideas and specific suggestions for managing storage filing, and current projects, as well as learning my top techniques for paper and electronic data management. We will explore innovative techniques that turn your traditional filing systems on their head and shift the way you operate.


Organizational Overwhelm Kills Your Bottom Line: Let's face it, our world is filled with more than what we need at all times, and that is leading top managers and leaders to what I call "organizational overwhelm." This overwhelm will kill your bottom line, make your people less productive, and make your systems less effective. Learn my 5 overwhelm pitfalls and how to shift them quickly.



Do I Need THIS?: What papers or files do you need to keep? For how long? Guidelines and strategies for purging are discussed. Perfect for  a small office with time allotted to implement.


If You Want Peace, Organize Your Environment: Clutter is not just "stuff." Clutter can be digital, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and each type is equally overwhelming. When someone feels overwhelmed clutter begins to build in their life until they reach paralysis. This paralysis causes an inability to make effective decisions in lives, careers and businesses. In this powerful workshop you will not only learn how to identify and shift clutter triggers affecting you, your staff and your organization, but you will also learn quick keys to help you accomplish your goals and enjoy every facet of your life.


Kerry Thomas will inspire your audience while changing the way they view organization and the meaning of "clutter."

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