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Get Clarity!

  • How do I eliminate all this clutter?

  • How do I effectively set goals?

  • How do I identify physical, digital, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter?

  • What does it take to sustain my success?

  • What do peace and productivity look like to me?

  • Why am I stuck and overwhelmed when I know I'm strong and competent???



The Path from Frustration to Freedom.

Do you consider yourself intelligent and driven (and maybe even naturally organized), but currently feel stuck and struggling with procrastination, overwhelm and clutter?  

My Frustration to Freedom Framework was built to clear the clutter from your life in 14 weeks without procrastination and overwhelm.

My Framework includes modules on:

Consistency: time management, busting procrastination, habit formation

Confidence: reduce overwhelm and improve focus, stress management

Clarity: clear the clutter, organizing basics, office transformation blueprint

Mindset: the "secret sauce" of putting your new productive life into practice!

In my Frustration to Freedom program I help my clients clear the clutter from all areas of their lives.


Through working with me in a group format, clients progress through a proven 4 Step Signature Solution (FEEL~ FACT FIND ~ FORMULATE ~ FOLLOW THROUGH) to clear physical, digital, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter.  They also learn strategies to reduce overwhelm and increase peace and productivity. The average client sees the following results:

1. Increased ability to focus and complete weekly tasks by reducing or eliminating procrastination.

2. Being able to find or file any piece of information in their office in 5 seconds or less.  

3. Having a duplicatable system to clear any clutter that continues to provide success, joy, and fulfillment for years to come.

-After the 14 weeks, option to renew or extend for maintenance at alumni rates.

-Initial 60 min private consultation including a Productivity Score review and learning style assessment. 

-Steps of Frustration to Freedom Framework and all other lessons taught in group format.

-Recordings available to those who miss.

-Accountability partners

-Scorecard re-evaluations each 30 days.

-Once a week open office hour

-Text and email support. 


~ Our next group starts in the spring, but sign ups and individualized coaching and pre-work start NOW If you are ready to clear the clutter from your life so you can focus and experience fulfillment, schedule your personal 30 minute Clarity Call here or email and request more information. 
















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NEW! Frustration to Freedom Graduate Academy! Perfect for maintenance and  accountability. Twice monthly coaching calls and access to all Conquer the Chaos programs for the length of your subscription. $50/month with no commitment. Click the button below to subscribe.

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