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CONQUER YOUR CHAOS: Reclaim your Time, Space, and Peace!

Organizing is a lifestyle, not a destina

Overwhelmed?  Given up on being "organized?"  Tired of the same old mental clutter in your head? Afraid to get rid of things?


Ready to declutter your home, office, and mind for MASSIVE RESULTS?

This 5 week program is for you if:

     ~Your space isn't organized and it causes you to procrastinate,              feel "foggy" and underperform

     ~You get stuck on how and where to start organizing or which              systems to use

     ~Your life and mind are spinning with so much clutter that you              aren't fully present for the moments that matter most

     ~You enjoy organizing but need fresh ideas

     ~You want to reclaim parts of your home AND your free time

     ~You dream of an empty inbox and organized desktop

     ~You are drowning in paper and need a FAST solution

Over the last 14 years I've developed and used a proprietary process called The Frustration to Freedom Framework that helps my clients organize their homes, offices, and lives.

This is SO MUCH MORE than another strategy or another expert saying the key is to get rid of stuff! (Or fold your clothes a certain way...)

My techniques go much deeper to clear out the physical and mental stress in your life...even if that stress is caused by piles of stuff.

I know that the clutter is impacting your health, your productivity, and your relationships and I want you to feel free and PEACEFUL and know that you have the tools to accomplish your work and enjoy your life!

This 5 week program tackles:

  • Physical

  • Digital

  • Time

  • Paper

  • Mental &

  • Emotional Clutter

This 5 week program will teach you:

  • Proven systems for controlling clutter

  • Organizing basics and process that can be applied anywhere

  • How to create a decluttering plan starting with your vision

  • About each type of clutter and how to beat it

Imagine...walking into your office and feeling clear energy. 


Imagine... knowing where every piece of information is, exactly what you need to accomplish, and trusting the flow of information in and out.


Imagine...waking up without your head spinning because you're overwhelmed.

Imagine...feeling comfortable and peaceful in your home environment.   


I want this for you and will help you outline the systems to achieve this during our 5 weeks together!        

My clients usually pay thousands of dollars for this process, but I've had it on my heart and mind to package and offer it at a lower price for a very limited time!

Week 1: Your 5 Step Productive Environment Plan, Organizing Basics, Definition and implications of clutter

Week 2: Dealing with physical clutter in your home

Week 3: Digital clutter (Always a favorite!)

Week 4: Mental and Emotional (internal) clutter

Week 5: Organizing your office, calendar, and paper 

Not only will you learn my proven processes and methods, but you will be guided on how to personalize them for your needs, and you will have all the necessary tools and handouts to keep and use as needed.

Together let's get back your time, space, and peace!


Learn the HOW and WHY so that when life happens (it will) you can fall back on your new skills and habits and recover quickly.

~We start April 27th and meet every Tuesday night at 7pm EDT until May 25th.

~Content will be taught live on Zoom.

~Replays will be available. 

~Course workbook and handouts provided.

Ready to invest in yourself, your peaceful home, and your efficient office?

For this program only, the price is $297!!




Don't miss the chance to have results like these:

"Kerry has made such a difference in my world. She helped me purge and reorganize. My world feels so much easier now that there is a place for everything." ~Colleen Stutz, Eagle Strategies LLC

"Best $$$ I’ve ever spent. These meetings were invaluable. For what it's worth you’ve improved my life with your work. Thank you!" C.P., Virginia

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