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Business Services

Throughout my career, I have worked with a wide range of businesses that I am proud to call success stories. Here is a sample of the types of businesses I have worked with in the past:

Martial arts studios, pediatric dentist, private investigator, artist, teachers, executives in several industries, nonprofit organizations, interior designers, financial planners, personal trainers, realtors, attorneys, caterers and more!

Why am I sharing these? I want to illustrate that there is no right or wrong business when it comes to needing to improve productivity. I work with entrepreneurs, small businesses, office managers, and those who work from home. This work is all about putting systems into place that provide efficiency and that help conquer the chaos! No matter what type of business you are in, I feel confident that anyone and everyone can benefit and find success.

I love working with entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds. In fact, I think it’s more common than you think for a business to have trouble with organization and feel like they are wasting time, energy, and money. If you’re looking for an interesting read, this article from Forbes touches on how ADHD is “the Entrepreneur’s superpower” and how chaos isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We all have our own chaos and having it in your business is no exception. There is no “one size fits all” approach in my work with businesses. I work individually with each business to come up with a plan catered to their needs.

The time spent working with each business varies. As there is no “blanket” approach, the time can vary from a few sessions to an ongoing partnership. I’ve had some clients who have had incredible success with a 3-hour “quick start”, where they learned how to implement systems on their own and only needed assistance to determine the best one and how to get started. Other clients have needed one-day appointments and were able to complete their entire office transformation with minimal follow up. Some clients will spread out work over a few sessions while some prefer a coaching model where we set up a 60-90 day plan for their business. I also have clients that hire me on a periodic basis for tune-ups and adjustments to the system we created together. I’m very proud to do what I do and love having clients that I see on a monthly or yearly basis.

I’ve seen clients completely transform their businesses, and the success stories are inspiring. A favorite humorous story happened a few years ago. I worked with an Executive on a Saturday to transform his office and set up a searchable finding system for his files. He emailed me the following Monday laughing about how when his coworkers walked by his office they thought he was quitting, retiring, or had lost his mind and simply thrown everything out. Stories like this remind me that we all have our chaos, but it can always be conquered!

Check out my “Services” page if you’d like to read more about what my services can do to help your business increase efficiency. If you’d like to get started or set up a free consultation, I’d love to hear from you!


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