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Conquer The Chaos Travels!

If you follow Conquer the Chaos on Instagram, you may have seen the post about traveling to Nashville a few weeks ago. It was the picture of my sad dog, Buster, sitting next to my packed suitcase. He may not be a fan of all the traveling I’m doing now, but I am! That post announced something big in CTC. Most people are aware of the services I offer in-person as well as the virtual services I offer online or over the phone. This new chapter in my business merges the two and I couldn’t be more excited!

Conquer the Chaos now comes to you!

During my first trip to Nashville, I spent a week one-on-one with clients to accomplish tasks and help them conquer their chaos. Since these visits are time sensitive and limited, we are both extremely focused and ready to take on big projects. There is less starting and stopping, and the clients are committed to tackling these projects in the short time that I am in town.

Traveling to clients has its challenges, such as finding times that work for the both of us, arranging travel details, and making sure I’m meeting other deadlines while I’m away, but the rewards far exceed these. I can be in town for a few days or for a week depending on what works best for the client.

There is some prep work to prepare for trips like these. Together, we discuss goals and focus on being specific (which is step 1 of the Productive Environment Process: State Your Vision). I tell them the same things that I tell in-person clients, including not purchasing extra supplies beforehand, not changing too much about what they’re currently doing, and more. Together we can work on both home and business projects, as I am able to bring my expertise in office productivity to almost every job. Even home projects contain elements of information management!

My goal for the future is to combine client work with a workshop or other speaking engagement. On my most recent trip I was able to do this. As you may know, I am now an empty nester (which seems crazy to think about!). While this has been a whirlwind of a time, it has given me the unique opportunity and flexibility to travel more and help people all over the country (and stay tuned for 2019...there’s a possible opportunity for me to help people all over the WORLD!).

Thanks for following along and supporting my business as I expand. It’s an exciting time and I’m thankful to share it with my amazing clients. If you want to connect about how we could work together, or as a connection for a speaking engagement or workshop, I’d love to talk further.



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