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The Importance of Recharging YOUR Batteries


We all know what it’s like to realize our phone is on 10%. While this isn’t a hard situation if you’re near a charger, what if you’re driving and using GPS? Do you start to panic?

Many of us have been in scenarios where our phone is about to die at inopportune times. Maybe it’s right before a big presentation, right before you need to send an important email, or right as you’re trying to send your family a photo of your kids.

But when is the last time you worried about recharging YOUR batteries? Do you keep a spare charger for yourself laying around the house? I wish it were that easy! So, what does recharging your batteries mean, and what are ways to do it? What are some signs that your battery is approaching empty and you’re hitting that below 10% indicator? Let’s dive in!

Signs of Burnout

First, let’s talk about burnout. Burnout happens when you feel exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, or all three. It can happen after a particularly stressful time in life or after burning the candle at both ends for far too long. You might recognize burnout by simply feeling exhausted. Some physical signs include frequent headaches, digestive problems, or a change in sleep patterns, while emotional signs can include losing motivation or withdrawing from responsibilities (Source). You may become cynical and critical of others, or lack the energy to be consistently productive. So...who experiences burnout? Bad news...all of us might at some point, in both our personal and professional lives!

Avoiding Battery Drains

Once you’re aware of what burnout is, you might find yourself being more in tune with signs that it’s coming on. Maybe you aren’t sleeping well, have a stressor lasting far longer than you’d like, or are exhausted in more ways than one at the end of most days. To avoid draining your battery and hitting the point of burnout, self care is crucial! This looks different for everyone. Some might hiring a new team member at work, while some might take a night each week to go out to dinner rather than cooking. Whatever it is, find the activities (and the PEOPLE) that help recharge your batteries.

My Latest Recharge

If you follow me on Instagram (, you probably saw my photo of the beach on Anna Maria Island. Recently, I took a trip down there to recharge with my college roommates. We’ve all kept in touch over the years, but 7 years ago made the commitment to all be together for a weekend. We take turns hosting and planning, and have all made this “girls only-no topic off limits-laugh until you cry-cry until you laugh-eat and drink wonderful things” weekend a priority. Getting 5 professional women with busy jobs and lives to coordinate schedules is tough, but we recognize the importance and make it happen.

How Will You Recharge?

What ways can you recharge? Make a list of the things and people that help you charge up your batteries to approach life personally or professionally. Take breaks, take care of yourself, and make sure you’re never on the brink of 10% battery or less. Remember the panic of a dying phone. Just like our phones, our “apps” can’t function if our battery is drained. We have so many moving pieces in our lives that it’s important we allow ourselves to perform optimally.

While your version of recharging may not look like mine, it is important that you find whatever it is to keep that battery charged so that you can operate fully and positively in your personal and professional life.

How will YOU recharge your batteries? I’d love to hear!

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