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The Way & The "Why"

Every day, we go through the motions and do things the way we always do. We wake up, do our daily tasks, and prepare for bed, only to start over the next morning in almost the same fashion. We all have habits and routines that we tend to stick to on a fairly regular basis. Daily tasks such as taking a shower, brushing our teeth, checking our email, etc. Weekly tasks, such as grocery shopping, and monthly tasks, such as home maintenance or staff meetings. We often run on autopilot and things only happen because they’re part of our routines.

Our Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind is where our data is stored. It is where we keep memories, tasks, and routines so we know how to easily do them when the time comes. Our subconscious mind stores so much without us even knowing it. It is where our habits live. If we never ask ourselves “why” we do certain things, we will continue to do them.

If we have negative thoughts and negative habits in place, we’ll only continue to perform and think these things. However, if we have positive thoughts and positive habits in place, this is where we can experience change.

While we don’t have a lot of power over what is stored in our subconscious minds right now, we do have a lot of power over how it can be changed. We are capable of stretching our thinking and changing and re-evaluating the “what” and “why” behind our thoughts, habits, and routines.

The Challenge

I challenge you to pay attention to everything you do, no matter how small. I challenge you to ask yourselves “why?” It’s so important to explore our habits and how they can serve us, or restrict us. Imagine the best possible version of YOU. Do you wake up earlier? Do you drink more water? Do you always return phone calls and emails the same business day? Our tiniest habits all add up to create our life. Instead of letting this thought overwhelm you, think of it as good news. Small changes can have huge impact.

Take as long as you need to write down the habits you do every day. Write out your routine and really take a moment to think about why you do them. Maybe you check your email every 15 minutes because you’re scared your boss will be sending you something negative, because that happened in the past. Maybe you walk to your desk a certain way to pass by a positive friend who brightens your day.

Start with one habit that is not serving you any longer and make a change. Or do something very small in a new way. The uncomfortable feeling that follows (even pushing the elevator buttons with your non-dominant hand feels “wrong”) will bring you out of your subconscious mind and make you more aware of your surroundings and choices.

Reprogramming Our Minds

When we determine the thoughts and routines we want in our life, we can make them happen. Being an “organized” or “unorganized” person is not in your DNA. It is a lifetime accumulation of habits. Small changes, even driving a different route to work, are key because when we do something in a different way our mind becomes more engaged. An engaged mind is a limitless mind! It’s up to us to consider how our subconscious mind is either helping or hindering our goals and change the

“why” behind our actions to be in line with those goals.


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