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Virtual Clients

If you follow my social media accounts, you might have seen that on Tuesday another virtual client was signed. I am now serving someone in the Denver, Colorado area. This is so exciting and it’s crazy how technology has allowed my business to grow so much virtually! This is the perfect opportunity to share with you what being a virtual client looks like.

How Virtual Clients Find Conquer the Chaos

Most virtual clients first find my TEDx talk (if you haven’t heard that yet, listen to it here), and a few have found the CTC website in an online search. Working with virtual clients adds a unique element to my business. I not only help people in their homes or offices, but now I virtually make the same connections all around the globe.

What Types of Virtual Services Are Offered

Virtual clients can achieve the same goals as in-person clients. The easiest thing to work on virtually is tackling paper and setting up filing systems, but we can do any type of office organization together to help you find efficiency and conquer whatever your chaos may be. I have also worked on cleaning up digital files through screen sharing which is just another way technology has allowed my business to grow and help as many people as possible. I currently have a few virtual clients who are working on more broad home and office projects, and I give them tasks and goals to complete on their own and then report back.

It might seem daunting at first, but virtual services are effective for any client near or far. Zoom is the meeting platform of choice, but Skype or Google apps work well depending on each client’s needs. “Face to face” contact is generally preferred; however, working together is also possible over the phone. We figure out what works best after our consultation. Virtual services are perfect for someone who likes the accountability of regular meetings, but who also likes to work somewhat independently in between sessions. I am in touch regularly and send e-mail and text reminders as needed to ensure the tasks and goals are being completed. I also answer any questions that may arise.

The Future is Virtual!

I truly believe in the power of technology and absolutely love being able to utilize it to grow my business and help my clients no matter where they are. I love that I can help anyone, anywhere, at any time. My virtual clients are fascinating and I enjoy learning about the parts of the country and the world in which they live. We are currently working on setting up a private coaching group online for virtual clients, and I am excited to see where the future takes my business.

As always, thanks for reading. If you’d like to talk more about becoming a virtual client or about any services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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