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Vision Boards

Have you heard of vision boards?

When I first did, I only knew about them vaguely. I had seen a few, but never created one. Until...the magic happened! One of my clients created a vision board in her home and filled it with all of the things she wanted in her life. It was full of beautiful photos of vacation spots she’d like to visit, dogs she might want to get, a new car, fitness and business goals, and the list goes on. Also on that board was a picture of a small Lladro figurine. She began dating a man, who had not yet been in her home office, and on one of their first dates, he GAVE her the figurine she had pictured as a gift! No joke! Needless to say, she was blown away (as was I when she told me!).  Knowing this, I jumped at the chance when a colleague of mine invited me to join a vision board workshop and I’ve been a fan ever since.

The Power Behind Visualization

Manifestation is a powerful thing. The idea of a vision board is that once you’ve put those goals and dreams out there, your attention will naturally be drawn towards achieving them. Most dreams and goals take work, but having them in front of you is an amazing way to bring positivity and encouragement to the everyday. It draws your attention to them consistently so that you can keep your eyes set on what you want

Placing the vision board somewhere you’ll walk by everyday, such as in your office, will keep the vision fresh and serve as a constant reminder of all you’re working towards.

You can also take a photo of it with your phone to look back on it throughout the day or when you need some extra encouragement. Some people make virtual vision boards and use them as their computer background or home screen.

“A Goal Without a Deadline is Just a Dream…”

We’ve all heard this expression. We’re often taught to approach goal setting with lists and measurable objectives. But sometimes, dreaming is what we really need to see a clear path to our destination. This can be especially true if you’re a creative and/or visual person. The dream, in combination with the goals, can bring abundance to your life through a regular and conscious effort to make them your reality. A vision board is a great place to start.

Your Unique Vision

You’ll want to create a board that allows you to feel gratitude. Make your board one that helps you feel excited for all the great things that are coming to you and the wonderful things that are already in your life. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself or your board to others. If you have a picture of a yacht on your board, don’t let others belittle that dream. Your goals, dreams, wishes, and desires are just that... YOURS.

Need a little more inspiration? You can look online, talk with friends, or utilize free templates to help get you started. Make it even more fun by getting together with a group of friends, family, and/or colleagues and all creating one together. Find old magazines, search for images online, even write some words and quotes that inspire you. Remember, you can’t go wrong. My personal vision board is a combination of a traditional vision board with pictures as well as what I call an “inspiration board” with quotes and motivational sayings.

Have you created a vision board? I’d love to hear what’s on yours!


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