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"I wrote to Kerry in early 2017 with some big problems. I hadn't filed taxes for quite a few years, I was living abroad. My paper work was boxed up and located scattered about in storage units, in my closets on two different continents, and hidden amongst thousands of emails and digital files on my computer with no organized system to speak of! I was feeling pretty hopeless, and filled with anxiety over how I could solve my problems. It was horrible.


Kerry agreed to help me through the process of digitizing my paperwork and organizing all the files and papers that were all over the place including on my computer, and she agreed to do so working virtually, meeting with me online through video conferencing. We met a couple of times a week at first, and then less frequently as she trained me on what to do, and for her part did a lot of it for me through a secure on-line file sharing system. It has been a pleasure to work with Kerry, and face my fears on all this paperwork. I finally got to file those back years of taxes - what a huge, life changing relief! I highly recommend working with Kerry. I truly thought it was an impossible task, but with her help it became possible. I am so happy I found Kerry and Conquer the Chaos. Thank you Kerry!"

"You can’t get a more knowledgeable pro in this space than Kerry. She’s really knows her stuff and loves what she does. A joy to work with too."

           Paul Johnson, Johnson Leadership


"I worked with Kerry to organize my office on January 12, 2015. I had researched and talked to a few organizers, but I liked that she had a system and was also familiar with the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen as I had been to his workshop and like his methods. I was impressed with how my mess and piles didn’t bother her.  She is a very fast worker and had the right mix of work ethic, friendliness, and knowledge.  My assistant is happy that I now have an inbox and files she can read and understand, and I left work yesterday with the box empty and my desk clear. I still need some help with figuring out how to manage the daily back and forth between offices and home, but I hope to have her back to my home office in a couple of months."

          John Cassidy TopKick MMA

"Kerry helped us with our prodigious “Clean Out” day.  Our offices and warehouse were in dire need for organization and a disposal of unneeded items.  She arrived to help first thing in the morning and stayed with us late into the day. Her insights, suggestions and pleasant demeanor made our day much more productive, effective and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend her services to individuals and businesses!"

Paul Donohue


Leesburg, VA


"Kerry was a joy to work with and turned my embarrassing home office into a functional space that I WANT to be in. She is efficient, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. Highly recommend!!"

               Jen A., Leesburg, VA


"Kerry Thomas takes the time to listen to your needs and build a plan to simplify your life. You need her services."

            Extraordinary Transitions/Long & Foster

"I can honestly say that every single day I do something differently because of you."

          Susan Crandall, Kyndryl

"Kerry has been part of my life as a coach for several months now. She is a professional organizer with many talents and many ideas. She is an organizer in every way, meaning physically and virtually. Sometimes life throw you unexpected curve balls, like parents aging and getting sick and you ended up having to travel far away to help them, or you are also getting older and life surprises you with health issue that need surgery, or you also need to move in the middle of all that. What ever the reason, suddenly you get behind in your own tasks and now you feel that you are over your head. Kerry is the person to come to the rescue. She has good ideas and will be a good support to guide you and hold your hand in the progress of recovery. Thank you"

          Doris, Leesburg, VA

"Kerry Thomas and Conquer the Chaos have been lifesavers to help Julia with her executive functioning and organization due to her ADHD. This has been such a key to helping Julia increase her independence but also learn more about time management and planning. With distance learning making internal structure all the more important, this could be a game changer for so many students."

            Happy mom



"She has the most lovely demeanor and is the best at what she does! She has helped me organize my business and my home. Kerry is very efficient and will go above and beyond to get the job done in a timely fashion."

               Michelle T., Leesburg, VA

Email note 5 months after a Productivity QuickStart: "I continue to this day to stay organized :) I have a reminder each day to check any Swift file, and it’s incorporated into my task manager. Thanks again."

                Morgan Wright, Ashburn, VA
Praise from speaking engagements:
          ~ If you're struggling with organization, this is for you!
          ~ Great organizing tips!
          ~ It was awesome!
          ~ Common sense approach.
  ~ Good presenter-would love to have her visit my house-very knowledgeable with experience.
          ~ Very helpful and informative. Great ideas!
          ~ You are an excellent help to get me motivated to organize.
          ~ Excellent info and thought provoking.
          ~ Super helpful & lots of ideas!
          ~ It got me fired up with ideas of how to get myself going! 
          ~ Go (to this presentation) You will not be disappointed.
          ~ This is something you need because it is not often taught and the mess piles up quickly           & chaos ensues.
         ~ This presentation was so helpful to understand what I need and give me a place to start.
Praise for conference presentations:

This seminar will actually help you lower your stress!  It gives you simple steps to be better organized.  When there is clutter it slows production and creates anxiety.  More time can be spent on higher profits when organized!  

Lisa Casey

General Manager

Atlantic Towers

P.S. Loved Kerry's presentations!!!!!!

Today I attended the Team WIN presentation and it was amazing! Thank you for confirming those connections between learning styles and office organization. We appreciate your input and time today and sharing your expertise.

           Tracy Wormack Independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay cosmetics

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