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Welcome to Conquer the Chaos, where we turn your overwhelm into order, productivity, and peace of mind.

 We specialize in crafting peaceful environments and efficient systems that allow you to thrive in both your personal and professional life.

Here's how we can transform your world:


**Design and implement custom office systems that streamline your workflow. 


**Master time management to gain more time in your schedule.


**Tackle "clutter" in all its forms: from the physical piles to the digital files on your devices, systems and operational clutter in your business, and even the mental and emotional clutter that weighs you down.

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Kerry Thomas, Owner

Kerry Thomas, M.Ed., Owner

Oragnized desk
Stones of Meaning

Office Organizing

Are you wasting time looking for critical information in your office? We provide customized organizing and productivity consulting services.


  • Small business owners

  • Telecommuters

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Office Managers

  • Individuals diagnosed with ADD or ADHD


We find your strengths and build upon them so you can achieve the order you've been striving for.

Clutter Coaching


Do you want to conquer the chaos of clutter in your life?

Using my proven Frustration to Freedom Framework you will set goals, remove overwhelm, and achieve success.

  • Busy professionals

  • Parents & Families

  • Life Transitions

  • Individuals diagnosed with ADD or ADHD

Declutter and design a life that's as organized and peaceful as you've always wanted it to be. Let's conquer the chaos together!

How Productive Are You?


This four minute quiz can change your life!


There are no right or wrong answers. Your responses lead you to productivity insights that match your needs.

I specialize in helping those with ADD, but anyone overwhelmed by work or life will benefit from knowing their score.

Once complete, you will be able to download an Office Transformation Blueprint.


Get a copy of "Ten Tips for Getting Unstuck"

Watch my TEDx talk! "From Clutter to Clarity"

Client Reviews


"After only ONE session with Kerry, I had the confidence and skillset to organize myself around projects that I'd been dragging my feet on for months. As a result, I ran a successful retreat, and enrolled 8 new people in my signature program, bringing in over 20k in one month. If you're feeling stuck, scattered, and in doubt, I highly recommend Kerry!"

~ Helen Birney, CEO, of Cultivate Health Coaching and Founder of The Energetic Eating Method

"Kerry has made such a difference in my world. She helped me purge and reorganize. My world feels so much easier now that there is a place for everything."

~ C.S., Hamilton, Virginia

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