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How Gratitude Helps with Decluttering

Gratitude isn't magic...but it's close!

Let's dive deeper into what gratitude really is, why it's helpful, and what it has to do with clutter.

GRATITUDE is an expression of appreciation for what you have. The simplest form of gratitude is saying "thank you." To another, to yourself, or to a higher power.

Gratitude raises your vibration energetically, and if that is difficult to wrap your brain around, focus on how it improves your mood.

It is one of the fastest ways to shift your mood or state (many people say music is the fastest.)

Being in a state of gratitude helps people stop ruminating or hyperfocusing on negative events, which may occur with both depression and ADD. It improves physical and mental health. Studies conducted with brain scans show that experiencing gratitude creates lasting change in the prefontal cortex, making it easier to feel empathy, relief, and increased gratitude in the future. You don't need a brain scan to understand the immediate effects of writing a heartfelt thank you note or verbally sharing deep gratitude. It simply feels GOOD.

So how does gratitude help with your clutter? Let's take a look at five ways.

1. Our society puts emphasis on material possessions as a source of happiness, but if we learn to appreciate what we have, the need for more diminishes.

2. If we focus on the gratitude felt by the recipients of our donations, it becomes easier to release things.

3. When we are grateful for what we have we are less likely to miss what we gave up.

4. Gratitude keeps us from impulse spending. The appreciation for current possessions and improved mood from feeling grateful mean you don't need that "shopper's high."

5. Gratitude also helps with internal clutter! It declutters your mind because you are less likely to compare yourself to others and what they have.

For me, gratitude that I would soon be able to travel and live a more simple lifestyle helped me as I sold or donated almost everything I'd ever owned. How can gratitude help with the clutter in your life?


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