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The FINAL Step: Sustain Your Success!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristotle

Today is the day...the final step of the 5 Step Productive Environment Process! This process assists you in planning to accomplish any goal. Big or small, professional or personal, this process helps you achieve the next goal on your list.

If you want to go back and read through steps one through four, visit them first:

What was your goal from the start? Maybe this goal has changed based on your life circumstances. In the midst of this pandemic, things may seem up in the air! If you’re staying at home for the time being, you might have household or home office goals but be unsure of the framework to get them done.

Enter this process. After you’ve set your vision, identified your obstacles, committed your resources, and created your plan to execute, the final step may seem natural...but it’s actually the step people miss the most and it’s the step MOST needed for lasting change. Today, it’s time to Sustain your Success!


If you want lasting results and lasting change after making and executing your plan, there are two things you must have: accountability and maintenance. Did you know you are 67% more likely to be successful with an accountability partner than if you tackle a goal on your own? While your accountability partner doesn’t have to be on track for the same goal as you, it’s important to identify a person (or group) who understands your goal and is dedicated to checking in to help you reach it.


Maintenance ensures that you take the necessary steps to make the changes. To make things a habit, you need to schedule them in advance so that you will keep up with them. For example, think of filing papers. Realistically, you won’t file papers every day or as papers come in (which is why I teach my clients to have a place to keep papers “to be filed”). Instead of wishful thinking, schedule the filing. Maybe for you this is every Wednesday or the last day of every month. I file twice a month during a webinar that I join that is “listen only.” I don’t ever get too far behind, but I also don’t worry about filing at any other time.

The Final Step

Regardless of your goal, think of the accountability and maintenance needed to make it happen. If your goal was to wear your “old” jeans again, find a friend who will check in with you each week and then schedule out your workouts in advance. If your goal was to plan a renovation, establish the guidelines and budget with your partner, friend, or contractor and set up a schedule for when things will get done. This final step of the process finishes the framework so that you can be on your way to not only meeting your goals but exceeding them!

Ready to Meet Your Goals?

Have you designed your plan to achieve your goals? Do you need assistance in staying accountable or want help identifying maintenance steps? I’m here for you. Find that accountability and get a teammate on your side by contacting me today. We can get a free consultation on the books.

Talk soon,

Kerry Thomas

Conquer the Chaos


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